Our SSHE project - the Polaron

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Spare parts

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Service capabilities

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Equipment for the margarine industry

More than 110 years of experience within the food machinery industry

Gerstenberg & Agger A/S - a leading manufacturer of engineered solutions and plants

The experience of Gerstenberg & Agger A/S spans the entire 20th century. The company designs, manufactures and markets engineered solutions for the food industry. 
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Gerstenberg Services A/S - a new company with experienced employees

Gerstenberg Services A/S is a subsidiary of Gerstenberg & Agger A/S run by experienced employees from the margarine processing industry. The company was formed in 2013 by dairy engineer Knud Aage Gerstenberg primarily to meet the increasing request from former customers of Gerstenberg & Agger and its subsidiaries for spare parts for Gerstenberg equipment.
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Gerstenberg & Agger A/S and Gerstenberg Services A/S are independent private companies and are not part of SPX Corporation and the Gerstenberg Schröder brand.
Gerstenberg & Agger A/S CVR: 67111311 & Gerstenberg Services A/S CVR: 35141707 | Vibeholmsvej 21, P.O. Box 196, DK-2605 Brøndby  | Phone: +45 43 43 20 26