Seal ring setSupplier of spare parts and improved equipment for the yellow fat industry

Gerstenberg Services A/S offers a wide range of spare parts for the scraped surface heat exchangers Perfectors for the margarine production, all in redesigned and improved version and now in more durable materials.

Although all parts have been redesigned and materials have been optimised for longer durability the parts are still fully interchangeable with standard parts. 

All materials in contact with the product are food-approved and fully traceable.  


Our main supply of spare parts: 
Process cylinders for Perfectors 105, 125, 150 (92R), 180 and 250. Process cylinder for SSHE Slide bushings for the full range of Perfectors, pin rotor machines and intermediate crystallisers. Slide bushings for Perfectors, pin rotor machines and intermediate crystallisers
SSHE scrapers in steel or plastic, fully interchangeable with all Perfector scraper systems. Scrapers for Perfector units in the margarine industry Rotor support shanks for the full range of Perfectors and intermediate crystallisers. Rotor support shank for intermediate crystallisers and all Perfectors
Seal rings - mechanical face seals for Perfectors, pin rotor machines and plasticators. Mechanical face seals for Perfectors, pin rotor machines and plasticators High pressure product coupling (see video below). High pressure product coupling

We can supply your company with almost all spare parts for all scraped surface heat exchanger Perfector types.


Data sheet: 

Click here to download the data sheet Gerstenberg Services spare parts.
High pressure product coupling  

Short delivery time

We have fast delivery of spare parts in improved quality for Perfector SSHEs, pin rotor machines, intermediate crystallisers and plasticators, which reduces the production down-time of the margarine production line.

Made in Denmark

Almost all spare parts are manufactured in Denmark.

Personal service

We provide the good and personal service known from Gerstenberg & Agger A/S.

Typical crystallisation equipment


High pressure plunger pump, tubular scraped surface heat exchanger, intermediate crystalliser (optional), plasticator (optional), and pin rotor machine. A resting tube is added in case the product is led to a packing machine.

Typical yellow fat products

Typical crystallised products manufactured on a scraped surface heat exchanger are: industrial margarine,
table margarine, puff pastry margarine, low fat spreads and shortening.
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