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We are a world-wide supplier of turnkey margarine processing plants and solutions, and we believe in the future of CO2 margarine production.

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We have more than 120 years of experience in 4 generations. You will always be guided by an experienced employee who will help you find the right solution for you and your oils and fats processing line. Do you want to learn more about or new innovative oils and fats CO2 crystallisation technology? Click here to contact our team.

New crystallisation equipment

Do you need new machines for your margarine production?

Need new spare parts?

Are you looking for new spare parts for your margarine equipment?

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Second-hand equipment

Are you interested in second-hand margarine equipment that has been completely refurbished?

Complete turnkey crystallisation plants

You only have to shop in one place to get all the equipment for your production line.

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danish design
Danish manufacture

Gerstenberg Services A/S offers high pressure equipment and a wide range of spare parts of the margarine production, all in redesigned and improved version and now in more durable materials.

Projects completed worldwide

Agents worldwide

Years of experience

Projects completed worldwide

Agents worldwide

Years of experience