Polaron Pilot Plant

The Gerstenberg Polaron pilot plant is a flexible tubular scraped surface heat exchanger test unit for tests and small-scale production of crystallised edible oils and fats.

The centre of the Polaron pilot plant is the Polaron pilot SSHE available with up to four processing cylinders mounted on a stainless steel frame. The Polaron pilot SSHE is for direct cooling with CO2 (R744) or NH3 (R717) and designed for a working pressure of up to 120 bar.

      Gerstenberg Polaron

      The Polaron pilot plant equipment also covers a pilot high pressure pump and a pilot pin rotor machine, also designed for a working pressure of up to 120 bar.

      The pilot pin rotor machine is available in different sizes with cylinders each consisting of up to three sections offering the possibility of having three different volumes per cylinder.


      A pilot resting tube mounted on a stainless steel mobile frame, N2 equipment for the pilot pump and a pilot homogenising arrangement are also available.

      Furthermore, a pre-fabricated pilot emulsion preparation plant constructed on a stainless steel mobile frame with four sanitary wheels can be added to the Gerstenberg Polaron pilot plant.

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      Danish manufacture

      Polaron is a registered trademark of Gerstenberg Services A/S and covers the series of advanced high pressure crystallisation equipment.