2020: In-house Polaron pilot plant for test runs

Gerstenberg Services A/S now has a fully automated Polaron pilot plant available for test runs for our customers; the pilot plant is located at FH Scandinox A/S, Kærhusvej 4, Hoven, DK-6880 Tarm, Denmark.

The Polaron pilot plant consists of a fully automated preparation system, a Polaron high pressure pump type PP31, a pilot Polaron SSHE type A+B+C+D for CO2 as refrigerant, two Polaron pin rotor machines type 3 x 3.5 l. and a resting tube (a pin rotor machine type 3 x 1 l. is available as an option).

All equipment is for a max. product pressure of 120 bar, and the recommended test product volume is 60 l. per batch. Max. capacity is 376 kg/h of table margarine.

Product can be supplied by the customer.

Gerstenberg Services A/S can to a certain limit supply the required oils on request based on the customer's recipes. All costs to be paid by the customer.

If a purchase of a Polaron SSHE takes place within one year after the test runs, the test fee will be deducted from the purchase price.

Please contact us for further information.
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