February 2020: Gerstenberg Polaron pilot plant test runs

Gerstenberg Services A/S has a fully automated Polaron pilot plant available for test runs for our customers; the pilot plant is located at FH Scandinox A/S, Kærhusvej 4, Hoven, DK-6880 Tarm, Denmark.

The Polaron pilot plant consists of a fully automated preparation system, a Polaron high pressure pump type PP31, a pilot Polaron SSHE type A+B+C+D for CO2 as refrigerant, two Polaron pin rotor machines type 3 x 3.5 I. and a resting tube (a pin rotor machine type 3 x 1 I. is available as an option).

All equipment is for a max. product pressure of 120 bar, and the recommended test product volume is 60 I. per batch. Max. capacity is 376 kg/h of table margarine.
We can offer test runs on the pilot plant at a daily rate of EUR 1,800.00, including the assistance of one operator.

Product can be supplied by the customer.

Gerstenberg Services A/S can, to a certain limit, supply the required oils on request based on the customer’s recipes. All costs to be paid by the customer.

If a purchase of a Polaron SSHE takes place within one year after the test runs, the test fee will be deducted from the purchase price.

Read our document about our Pilot plant test runs here: Pilot plant test runs

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