The Polaron margarine high pressure pump for the margarine and shortening industry.

Superior product quality can only be achieved by ensuring that every stage of the production progresses smoothly – including the way products are pumped through the process line. The more stable the product flow, the better the final result.

Our margarine high pressure pump maintains a stable product flow due to its internal design based on 3A
standards. The pump has variable capacity which can easily be adjusted by a frequency converter. If you are producing shortening or similar products, it is possible to buy the Polaron pump with N2 equipment for aerating of shortening and similar products.

Margarine high pressure pump


The Polaron pump is designed to help you maintain an ideal flow while treating your products gently. Moreover, it is designed for easy maintenance and servicing, and the design ensures that the pump can easily be cleaned and sterilised using CIP.

Furthermore, it meets the increased market demands for food safety and hygienic design and complies with the 3-A Sanitary Standards, with all product-contacting parts made in AISI 316 or better. The Polaron pump has variable capacity which can easily be adjusted by a frequency converter.

Production benefits
For production of shortening or similar products the Polaron pump is available with N2 equipment for aerating of these products.

The Polaron pump is intended to work with the Gerstenberg Polaron SSHE or to replace older high pressure pumps in existing production lines. The Polaron pump is designed for a working pressure of up to 120 bar depending on product and capacity.

The Polaron pump ensures less stress, less downtime, improved efficiency and lower maintenance costs, resulting in higher company profitability.


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Polaron is a registered trademark of Gerstenberg Services and covers the series of advanced high pressure crystallisation equipment.