Refrigerant level control

We can supply your company with almost all spare parts for refrigerant control on your Perfectors.

The optimised design of the float valve is without any welding. The form has made the valve flexible so that it can be used on both the right and the left position. Our special surface treatment of the valve has improved the durability.

Float valve

Level spindle:

  • ø2.5
  • ø3
  • ø4.5
  • ø5.5
  • ø6


  • On/off spindle FV-H incl. nut
  • RLC-FV-T2
  • Spindle dual valves
  • Guide for float valve
  • Lock screw float valve
    Complete RLC housing

durable materials
in improved versions

Although all parts have been redesigned and materials have been optimised for longer durability the parts are still fully interchangeable with standard parts.