Scrapers and holders

Scrapers and holders for the scraped surface heat exchanger

Our scrapers are of optimised designs, which ensures an optimal scraping-off effect of the emulsion from the inner surface of the process cylinder in the scraped surface heat exchanger. The scraper material is steel, Stellite, POM or PEEK, depending on the scraper type.

Do you have a Perfector?

All scraper types are suitable for all Perfector units. The centriforce scrapers can replace the Bulldog scrapers and they can be purchased as a set with a 5% discount instead of purchasing them separately. The number of scrapers in a set depends on the rotor type.

  • Plastic scrapers
  • Scrapers centriforce / BULLDOG – over view
  • P57 2 rows
  • Holders P57 2rows
  • P105 2 rows
  • Holders P105 2rows
  • P125 2 rows
  • Holders P125 2rows
  • P180 2 rows
  • Holders P180 2rows
  • Lock piece holders 600.0613
  • Screw for lock piece 600.0344
  • P250 4 rows
  • Steel scrapers

durable materials
in improved versions


Although all parts have been redesigned and materials have been optimised for longer durability the parts are still fully interchangeable with standard parts.