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Press Release
January 2018

Two leading players within project design, construction and manufacturing of machines and processing equipment for the food industry have, after several years' close cooperation on solutions for the margarine industry, chosen to carry out a strategic manoeuvre to strengthen a sustained future growth of both companies in the industry. FH Scandinox A/S has acquired 75% of the shares of Gerstenberg Services A/S. Read more

The new Gerstenberg Polaron pump

4 August 2016
We are pleased to announce that our new Polaron pump (PP) is now ready for sale; the prototype has been tested outside our premises with very positive results.

The pump constitutes an important part of the continuous development of our product programme comprising new processing equipment for the crystallisation industry.



New member of the Polaron family – The Polaron Pump PP34Polaron Pump

2 June 2016

We have almost completed the development of our new high pressure pump (Polaron Pump), and we are very pleased with the interest from our customers.

The Polaron Pump is designed to meet the hygiene requirements of the food industry and for easy and simple maintenance and servicing.

More information will follow by the end of July.


Gerstenberg Polaron - the new wonder in margarine production.

Statement from experienced food technologist Mr Kjeld Rokkedahl.

8 April 2016
Senior food technologist Mr Kjeld Rokkedahl of Rokkedahl Proces-Teknologi, who has more than 30 years' experience as factory manager of the Danish margarine producer Dragsbæk A/S, has just been working with the third Gerstenberg Polaron for optimisation of our customer's products and has the following comments:

"I have now finally had the opportunity to work with the "wonder" and I would like to express my admiration for the results obtained with this machine. The Polaron offers the possibility of efficient thermal transfer without damage to the product, which is something that I have been wishing for for many years. The products and capacities obtained are outstanding and I can highly recommend the Polaron."

New Managing Director of Gerstenberg Services A/S

31 March 2016
Dear customers and partners

We are pleased to inform you that as per 1 April 2016 Mr Jesper Andersen will succeed Mr Thomas Halken as Managing Director of Gerstenberg Services A/S.

Since the start of Gerstenberg Services A/S in 2013 the focus has been to develop and market high quality spare parts and service for existing Gerstenberg Perfector lines as well as state-of-the art crystallisation equipment (Polaron) based on the long tradition and values of our mother company, Gerstenberg & Agger A/S.

During his 1½ years' tenure with Gerstenberg Services A/S, Thomas has successfully contributed to the market expansion of the company based on solid partnerships and not least a solid growth in sales of spare parts and service. Our recent commissioning of the first Polaron operating with a direct CO2 compressor is also a consequence of Thomas' persistent efforts securing very attractive solutions for our clients combining the engineering qualities of Gerstenberg with advanced partner technology. These new solutions offer unprecedented margarine product qualities on difficult palm oil based recipes and other recipes.

Thomas will assume a new position as Director in the company Executives Global Network (www.egn.com). To ensure a smooth succession and to assist in other strategic matters we are pleased to inform you that Thomas will continue as Business Advisor to Gerstenberg Services A/S in the future.

To continue the positive development of Gerstenberg Services A/S Mr Jesper Andersen has been appointed Managing Director. As a former Sales Manager of Gerstenberg & Agger A/S (1997 - 2004) Jesper has a profound knowledge of our industry and has lately been employed as Managing Director in Massilly, Denmark.

For any further information please do not hesitate to contact:

Managing Director:
Mr Jesper Andersen
E-mail: jga@gerstenbergs.com
Phone: +45 61 61 35 16

Office Manager:
Ms Mette G. Nielsen
E-mail: mgn@gerstenbergs.com

Owner & Board Member:
Mr Knud Aage Gerstenberg
E-mail: kag@gerstenbergs.com

With best regards

Gerstenberg Services A/S

Knud Erik Juhl Jensen/Chairman of the Board
Thomas Halken

Delivery of the fourth Polaron

14 January 2016

In early December last year the fourth Polaron was dispatched to one of our customers in the Middle East. This Polaron also has four process cylinders and is for CO2 cooling. The scope of supply also includes high pressure pump, pin rotor machine, CO2 compressor, control panel etc.
Polaron A+B+C+D

Delivery of the third Polaron 

20 November 2015

The third Polaron has now been dispatched to one of our customers in the Middle East. This Polaron has four process cylinders and is for CO2 cooling. The scope of supply also includes high pressure pump, pin rotor machines, nitrogen dosing equipment, homogenising unit, CO2 compressor, rework unit, control panel etc.

Delivery of the second Polaron

8 October 2015

After a very busy and active period with continuous development and testing of our new tubular SSHE - the Polaron - we are pleased to inform you that the second Polaron machine has now been delivered and will be installed in a margarine factory in the near future.

This machine has two process cylinders and is supplied with a CO2 compressor.

The third and the fourth Polaron machines are under construction and will be shipped later this month and in November, respectively. These machines will also be supplied with CO2 compressor.

New service capabilities at Gerstenberg Services A/S

11 November 2014
We are pleased to inform you that early next year we will increase our staff by very experienced service personnel.
This will enable us to offer you an even better support on preventive maintenance, service overhauls and onsite refurbishment in parallel with our unsurpassed new spare parts.
Please do not hesitate to contact us with any inquiries for such service assistance. 

Successful test of our new tubular SSHE - the Polaron

9 October 2014
We are pleased to announce that our new flexible high pressure tubular SSHE - the Polaron - was successfully pressure-tested in our factory by the end of September and is now being installed at an industrial plant where it will be tested with product.
The Polaron will be the most versatile tubular SSHE in the fat crystallisation industry and we have high expectations of the outcome of the test runs.
Further updating will follow before the end of the year.
Click here to download our data sheet on the Polaron.

Update of the new tubular scraped surface heat exchanger project

25 June 2014

The exciting development of our new flexible high pressure tubular SSHE for superior fat crystallisation performance is proceeding rapidly, and pressure test of the new advanced cooling system is scheduled for mid-July 2014 followed by the type approval of the machine.

We are pleased with the interest that customers have shown in this project, and more information about the unique benefits of this SSHE will follow in the coming months.


New design: Springless water seal for all Perfector types

2 June 2014
We are happy to offer you this new design as a reliable solution and a step for further reduction of maintenance cost on your crystallisation line.
The Gerstenberg Services-engineered water seal with a minimum of total components requires very limited maintenance and does not need frequent attention for the necessary adjustment of springs to maintain its sealing ability once mounted on the Perfector.



New tubular scraped surface heat exchanger

Designing a high pressure tubular SSHE is not an easy assignment. However, our customers worldwide have shown great interest in our new company, and many of them expect us to supply more than just spare parts for the existing equipment. 
We have decided to take up that challenge and will design, manufacture and test a high pressure tubular SSHE with specifications and features unseen in the fat crystallisation industry. More details will follow end of June this year.
If you would like to receive further information directly about the new SSHE when it is available, please send us an e-mail.

Proven durability of spare parts

The margarine manufacturer s.a. Aigremont n.v. in Belgium has tested some of the spare parts from Gerstenberg Services and they have confirmed that the spare parts tested on e.g. the Perfector SSHE show no indication of wear after 960 hours of production.

‘The improved material of the Gerstenberg Services spare parts has proven to be very efficient and durable, which will save us maintenance time and money’, says the Production Manager from Aigremont.

No wearing signs on the Gerstenberg Services spare parts used for 960 hours in a Perfector

Read more about our spare parts under Gerstenberg Services.



More than 110 years of experience and still searching for improved solutions.

Gerstenberg & Agger A/S and Gerstenberg Services A/S have a deep understanding of process engineering based on the Gerstenberg family’s more than 110 years of experience in developing high-efficiency equipment for the industry.

As skilled engineers and leading manufacturers of equipment for the margarine industry the two companies are always in search of new technologies, projects and products that can improve former and new customers´ process performance and profitability.

Margarine spare parts
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